Sunday, August 26, 2012

Come to Me

I just thought I would share a little of my heart with you today.  Josh and I have been trying a new church recently, the Village Church in Dallas, and I have got to say we are loving it! Matt Chandler is amazing in every way, but  I must say that the worship speaks to my heart in a way I have never experienced before. I feel like I finally understand what it feels like to worship my sweet Father through song. There is one song in particular that really speaks to me.  It is called Come to Me by Lauren Chandler (yes, she is married to the Matt Chandler, the pastor).

The lyrics are absolutely beautiful and every time I listen to it, I fall a little more in love with Him! The song starts off "Weary burdened wanderer there is rest for thee."   Weary. Burdened. Wanderer. I feel like that should be my first, middle and last name.  Can I get an amen?!  I am so prone to focus on me and my burdens and stray from His side, especially when I feel like things are difficult.

Oh thou heavy laden, come to me come and rest.
There is freedom taste and see hear the call Come to Me. Run into His arms of GRACE, your burden carry, he will take.
Bring Him all thy burdens, all thy guilt, and sin.
Jesus there is waiting patiently for thee. Hear Him gently calling: come all, Come to Me.

 I can picture my Father in Heaven waiting, so patiently, for me to run back into His arms.  What a powerful reminder this is of God's ever abundant love and grace that He offers. I love that every day I find my freedom in Him.  He picks up my burdens and makes my load light.  I am forever captivated by him. Amen.

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